Thin, flat, rectangular white marble base with two brass horse heads looking both right and left. Between the heads is a triangular shaped, tapered pedestal that holds the recessed low wattage bulb. Sitting on this pedestal is the 3" clear glass ball with bubble inclusions.
Height 7.00in
Length 11.00in
Width 4.00in
Type of Bulb
Number of Bulbs
Type of Switch
On Cord On/Off
Harp Included
Not Applicable
Finial Included
Not Applicable

Accent Lamp

  • Stock #: 552
  • Quantity: 1
  • $300.00 each

Tags: Thin, flat, rectangular, white, marble, base, two, brass, horse, heads, triangular, tapered, pedestal, recessed, low, wattage, bulb, 3", clear, glass, ball, bubble, inclusions